Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our First Visitor

For three weeks this summer we had the joy of entertaining my Mama, Julie Morris, here in American Samoa. We were both super excited to have someone here to show around the island and she was super excited to see the island and to see us. Though she claimed she could have sat in our living room for three weeks and been just fine. We took her to several places we had already been and on some new adventures too.

On her birthday we took a hike to Fagatele Bay, a Marine Wildlife Sanctuary. The waves were quite rough that day so we did not get to experience the wildlife but we did enjoy the hike, secluded beach and the beautiful bay. This is the nicest trail on island, it has posted maps and manicured trails. There are beautiful flowers and bats fly low overhead to get to the bananas. Part of the trail is a bit step and rocky but then you make it to a set of stairs that takes you down to your own small beach. It was lovely and a great birthday adventure for Mama.

We both really enjoyed having Mama here to spend time with us. We look forward to her return trip next summer! And we look forward to any other visitors, so come on over and enjoy American Samoa.

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