Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Bat

On our return hike from Fagatele Bay last weekend we came upon a truck. This is a normal sighting on this hike since there are banana and coconut trees along the path and there is usually some harvesting going on. This day was different! As we looked in the truck we saw a baby Bat crawling around so of course we stopped and petted the bat. The the guys promptly said you can have the bat!



So Kevin carries it to the car and it bites him! So watch out for Kevin folks it is a full moon at the moment. (Don't vampires come out during a full moon?)

Jeremy and I go straight over to Alden's house but he is not home! So now we just have a baby Bat hanging out with us! We decide to leave him in the car since he is covered with bugs (it was safe I promise). Alden comes over later and gets baby Bat and save the day!

Thanks Alden for being our wildlife expert and baby Bat saver!

IMG_5723 IMG_5726

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