Friday, April 2, 2010

One year down

Today is officially our one year anniversary in American Samoa.  It seems that it has gone by very fast in some respects and in others it seems that we have been here a long time.  We have certainly loved being here with the beaches, snorkeling, new friends, traveling and all the wacky things that happen around here.  We would have probably never had the chance to do some of the things we have done here.  For instance even seeing this part of the world, New Zealand, Samoa, Singapore for me, and an upcoming trip to Australia.  You could say we are now addicted to traveling, I don't think we will ever be able to shake wanting to see more and more of this beautiful planet.  On the other hand we miss home. We miss our family, friends and our dogs.  We have missed huge birthdays a 90, 60s and 15s.  We have missed holidays for the first time ever.  We have missed funerals where we would like to be there to support our family and friends.  We have missed new homes and big changes.  We miss you all.  We thank God for giving us these wonderful opportunities and we will see you all again soon.