Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jeremy & Ned’s Matafao Peak Hike

Matafao is the highest point on the island, 2,142 feet above sea level.  Ned, a former High Court clerk, and I  went on a day hike to the very top.  You can see this beautiful peak from our house.  The hike takes around 4.5 hours.  You begin by climbing an old rusted ladder through a banana field.  Next you spend a few hours walking through a rain forest.  Then finally you climb out of the forest, above the tree line, and into were only small shrubs can cling to the minimal soil.  From there Ned and I had to make a slippery and mostly vertical climb to the summit.  The view is well worth it.  However, on the way down Ned fell off the side of the mountain when we were just a few hundred feet from the top.  Luckily, he fell and rolled into a group of bushes and he was not hurt.  But we were both scared.  But by time you make it back down you are very glad the hike is over.  We were both tired and muddy.  I will go back again but not for a few months.

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