Friday, September 4, 2009

The Magic Circus of Samoa

The MAGIC CIRCUS OF SAMOA (said in a very boisterous, circus master type voice) came to American Samoa.  It was here for around 3 weeks and was the talk of the island for that time.  It was actually a very entertaining circus,  with trapeze artists, contortionists, a live band, a little person clown, and the “cage of death”, which had five motorcycles in it at once.  There was also the show stopper, Fountina, the Human Fountain.  This woman could voluntarily regurgitate water like a fountain.  Gross!  It was exciting to have this entertainment on the island, since there is very little live entertainment at all.  The show lasted three hours and only cost $7 or $9 for VIP tickets (VIP seats are so close you can touch the stage). The circus performers did it all.  Each performer was in at least two shows, and when the performers were not working they would sell refreshments. The one disappointment with the circus was that there were no t-shirts to buy.   Everyone really wanted one. 

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