Saturday, September 19, 2009

Raft Regatta and Talk like a Pirate Day

So to celebrate “Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009”  some genius proposes to have a Raft Regatta.  This genius was Charlie Lee, an attorney in Jeremy’s office.  Teams were created and people gathered their raft supplies.  Jeremy teamed up with Brian Peck, new found fishing friend, to construct and paddle the boat.  They decided to build the boat using nothing but trash picked up around the island.  With a little bit of design help from me and Sue Peck, the raft was constructed and beautified a bit with a a table cloth, “Team Skinny Guys” flag and a mascot.  They tried out this heavy pile of trash and it floated! 

All the teams lined up at the starting point and set off on the race.  Every team made a pit stop at Pala Island, then headed for the finish line.  And Team Skinny Guy won!  Sue and I were so proud of our guys and their paddling skills. 

Then it was off to the “Talk Like A Pirate Party.”

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