Thursday, August 6, 2009

Veterinarian Services

As I have mentioned before the dogs here are abundant and a problem. So of course I want to get Annie spayed as soon as possible. So I sign her, Sean Morrison, and Satani (Lisa's cat) up for the waiting list. We go the call last week to take them all in. Jeremy, Lisa, and I get all the animals into the car and up to the clinic. This place looks awful especially since we are spoiled Americans who think our Veterinarians should be as clean as our hospitals. We get the dogs checked in and they get their first shots no problem. Then we bring Lisa in with Satain in a box that needs to be watch because she can escape it. We give them the kitty and go to pay. I turn around and the kitty is heading out the door! Panic mode ensues, Lisa grabs her and has her for a bit then Jeremy gives it a go but she wriggles free and she is out! She gets up into the nearest truck and sits. A brave teen grabs her and gives her to Lisa. Craziness!!!!

Later that day after worrying for hours...

Lisa and I go to collect our animals. They all look dead and are not responsive at all and are just laid out on the floor. We get them home and into the house and they all wake up around eight that night. It was a bad day and the first day I did not want to be here. I hope I do not have another like that again.

Fortunately we have had the privilege of having Tonya, a veterinarian from Australia, visit with us through the Humane Society. She was here to do a survey of the island and see what its condition is regarding our animals, mainly our dogs. She said it is actually not as bad as it seems and that our dog population is quite healthy and our clinic is not the worst she has seen (but she did do volunteer work in Sri Lanka after the tsunami). So I feel better about our situation here in American Samoa.

Animal Update post Surgery:

Annie is fine and being crazy again.

Sean Morrison, who is our street dog and is taken care of by her name sake, will not come in our yard yet. She hates us for tricking her with ham to get into the back of our car and bringing her to the clinic to have the worst day of her life. Now she will not come close to us, ham or no ham.

Satani is also fine and back to her playful self.

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