Friday, June 19, 2009

Mt. Alava

After an early morning fishing trip for Jeremy and a sleepy Saturday morning for me we decided to go hike Mt. Alava with a group of friends. We decided to take Annie on her first out door adventure trip to test her skills and see how much of an island dog she truly is. The trip started with a ride in the back of Ned's truck with us, Shawn and Evan. It was a fun trip on a sunny day.
We got to the start of the trail where you can look down and see Fagasa Bay and the village of Fagasa. The trail is actually an access road to the antennas and the former site of the cable cars used to reach the antennas. SO the trail is not difficult unless you find walking up a mountain difficult like I do. We started the trip at 0' above sea level at our house and were going up to 1610' above sea level at the summit of the mountain. We did cover a good bit of this in the truck but the up hill got me, of course Jeremy and Annie were perfect, no huffing and puffing from them. Jeremy was kind enough to walk with me the whole way, Annie liked being at the head of the group with Ned, Sarah, and Shawn. The Brown Students also went along with us, so there is nothing like a bunch of college students there to show you up to really boost your ego.

Nice pose.

My face matches my shirt here, I planned that.

Annie with Shawn, Ned, and Sarah.

The views were totally worth the hike up, this is Cockscomb Point.

This is looking down over the city of Pago Pago

We finally reach our destination and there are stairs to climb, seriously? This is where the cable cars used to come to service the antennas. In 1980 a Navy plane performing during Flag Day celebrations hit the cable car and crashed into Rain Maker Hotel. A Memorial Cable wire still hangs over the harbor and a monument sits on Solo Hill.

Views of Pago Pago Harbor from above.
It was so worth the hike and I am looking forward to going up again soon.

Annie had a ball, she lost no energy, when we got home she was still running around the neighborhood.

The whole gang at the fale resting before the return hike.

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