Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We made it!

Well we have been here over a month and we have finally gotten our Internet! I had great intentions of starting this Blog before we left the main land but seeing all of our family and friends and taking care of wrapping up our lives in Jacksonville kind of became much more important. So we made it to American Samoa! After sad goodbyes, a long fun trip, and a terrible day in Honolulu we were very relieved to be here. This place is beautiful; for the most part everywhere you look there is something amazing to see. From where I am sitting in my living room I can see a huge jungle covered mountains and if I step outside and look down the street I can see beautiful clear water. We are excited to see everything and meet as many interesting people as we can while we are here.

Across the street from our house.

Our house


  1. All right! Another American Samoa blog to add to my list of American Samoa blogs!

  2. Now the next great thing would be to get the webcam up and running so we can talk. It would be really neat if you put it near a window facing out into the yard at some point so we could see the view of the jungle-covered mountains live. :)

  3. Great to hear from you, Ash!! I'm so happy for you & Jeremy; I know you will have an amazing time during your two years abroad, and I look forward to your continuing blogs! Please add my home e-mail to your list: wyckedcelt@gmail.com. That way, I am assured to receive it. :) Sure do miss you around here...it's just not the same without you! Tell Jeremy I said 'hi,' & good luck with his latest endeavor. Keep in touch when you can, and if you get lonely, just find me a job, and I'll be there as soon as I can!! ;)

  4. Great to see you made it! I heard about the trials you had to endure getting there. I am certain that Jeremy will find his suits for sale on a corner somewhere... ;) Seriously, I am glad you made it OK and wish I had a chance to catch up with you here in Jax before you left. Alicia and I are planning to make the great Dubyak Thanksgiving Feast at the Farm trip this year.

    Love - Michael and Alicia