Friday, May 8, 2009

Adventures of our first month

Sliding Rock

The first Saturday here a group took us out to Sliding Rock. It is a beautiful tidal pool set on a cliff where every so often a huge wave comes and pushes new water through the tidal pool. This is no puddle though it is a literal swimming pool; it is quite deep and probably about 20’ long and 10’wide. You can snorkel around and look at all of the neat fish swimming in there with you. The trip there and back was a bit slippery; you have walk, climb and slide your way across a rocky terrain for around 20 minutes before you get to pool. But it is so worth it.

Hanging out in the pool.

The trip there.

The POOL!!!

Climbing in as a wave comes through.
And yes it can carry you to the other end of the pool

Jeremy checking things out.

Larson's Cove

While Jeremy was off island in Hawaii for a week attending a two day conference I went out to Larson's Cove with a group of new friends. It is a secluded beach that is literally in a cove. The hike there is around 30 minutes long, for the most part it is walking along a "road" but there is a relatively steep rocky hill about half way through the hike, then you come out into a field that looks like the set of Lost where the grass is up to your waist. I am so glad there are not many snakes here, if you had walked through that in Georgia there is no telling what you would have come across. The beach is perfect and white and you can do some snorkeling there but the waves make it a little difficult. While we were there a group of Samoan men were fishing from a cliff, when they caught something the made a fire and started eating.

What looks like the Lost set portion of the trip.

We made it to the cove!

The other side mirrors this to make nice cove for swimming and a beach.

Setting up in the shade.

A pit stop on the ride home.

Very nice.

Palogi Beach

Palogi Beach is supposedly called this because only the white people are crazy enough to make the trip to this beach. When we go to the trail head a woman was walking by and told us we could not go to the beach and that if we did we would all be fined $500, so we asked if there was a Matai or Chief we could talk to about this and she told us where we could find them. So the guys went off the ask permission to go to the beach and the girls hung out in the car. The guys were turned down by 2 Matais but with persistent begging we were allowed to go. Now this is a hike, not like the first 2 places we went. This hike consits of walking along a jungle ridge with about 1 foot of path, wading through stomach deep water and climbing over rocks. It is a very rewarding trip though, you pass by 2 beautiful beaches before you get to the best one. We have a video that I will upload when I figure out how to do that. So we only have a few pictures of this trip since the camera died while we were there. Maybe we will be allowed to go back someday.

On the way there.


  1. Wow, just found you guys' blog and must say, what an amazing adventure you two have embarked on. Keep us posted and I'll definitely enjoy following your exploits! Hope you are both well.

  2. Wow!! You guys live in a tropical paradise!! I'll be visiting in 6 months when the new job settles down. Keep up the posts.. It's nice reading about your journey!!