Monday, May 18, 2009

American Samoa Bar Association

I am now a member of the American Samoa Bar Association. Ashley and I went to the High Court where I was to get sworn in. I was sworn in during the mornings court proceedings after a criminal hearing that had taken place. I was asked to come forward and say the attorney's oath. The oath started out well as the Chief Justice simply said about 10 or so words and then had me repeat them. Unfortunately, the Chief Justice is a busy man and decided to say about five lines at a time. I was not able to repeat these lines verbatim but it worked out. Now I am officially barred in two jurisdictions; I have to admit the other then traveling 6,600 miles then admissions process for American Samoa was much easier then Florida.


  1. Congrats buddy!!! Its funny hearing you mention that you had to repeat the Oath of Attorney. I got to read it off a sheet (and that is hard enough).

  2. Congrats to you, Jeremy D. J.D.!