Monday, February 15, 2010

Help Support the American Samoa Humane Society

As many of you know Jeremy and I have gotten involved in the Humane Society here in American Samoa. I have actually just returned home from the Asia for Animals Conference in Singapore, where I had the privilege to represent ASHS and learn a ton. As part of the ASHS we have to honor of hosting Animal Balance for a 2 week Spay and Neuter Clinic coming up this month. Part of this includes representing Spay Day 2010 with this photo contest. We have chosen Pu as our photo because represents the dogs and cats of American Samoa quite well. He has the name Pu because it represents the place he was found as a puppy, a hole. Pu is Samoan for hole. Pu was hit by a car the week before he was to move to Kansas, he was injured very badly and there was little anyone could do on island. Unfortunately, we have little to no Vet care on island so Pu was forced to make the trip to Kansas with a bum leg. When he was taken to the Veterinarian in Kansas he found out bad news, he had to have his leg amputated. So Pu has something to ask you: Will you vote for him in the Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest - and help save other pets' lives at the same time? See Pu's picture and message below. Helping animals is really important to me, and your donation will not only help my pet in the contest, but will save pets' lives by reducing pet overpopulation. Thanks!

Spay Day 2010 Online Pet Photo Contest

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