Thursday, August 19, 2010

My New Creative Outlet

I have recently become obsessed with Etsy, an website specializing in all things handmade and vintage.  You can buy and sell things and I love it!  For our 3 year anniversary in May I gently recommended a few items to Jeremy that I liked.  I now own 3 jewelry items from different sellers and I love them!  I also have a custom ring being made using an opal I bought in Australia.  It is on the way and I can't wait to get it! Here is the shop I ordered it from. 

With my shopping history now on our blog, I will get to my point. 

I have opened my own shop on Etsy!  anmd is my new creative outlet.  At the moment I am focusing on embellished jackets using 2nd hand jackets, scrap fabrics from the many sewing shops here, and a few extra appliques.  I had a favorite jacket that was similar to these that I wore holes into and I thought I could possibly make someone their favorite jacket.  So that is what I am trying.  My skills are growing and so is my collection.  I can also make a custom jacket for you if you would like different colors or styles.  I plan to expand it to other items for the home but I have not gotten there yet.  So check me out and place an order through my shop if anything suits your fancy!  Any feed back would be great too!
Photos by Jeremy, taken in a crumbling fale on our street!. 

Happy Shopping!

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